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The owner brought his beloved TT to us again and this time we did:


- headliner trimmed with alcantara and red stitching. We made honeycomb shape on it, like in new Audi RS and we add carsdream logo

- sunguards trimmed with black alcantara with red stitching

- individual steering wheel trimmed with perforated leather with red stripe on the top

- odometer cover trimmed with plain black leather with red stitching, honeycomb shape added

- door panels trimmed with plain leather with red stitching, honeycomb shape added

- rear seat belt holes deleted and we trimmed it with smooth leather with red stitching with honeycomb shape, in center of this part we extrude TTS log

- center console trimmed with smooth leather with red stitching

assembly of rear strut bar

- rear seat backrest replaced with a racing net

- assembly of voltage indicator in lighter

- gear knob trimmed with black perforated leather, gearknob bag made with alcantara with red stitching

- hand break and arm rest trimmed with smooth black leather with red stitching

- door openers swapped for Audi R8 counterparts


- door handles and frames covered 

- centre console with gecko theme

- dashboard trim

- seat belt hole frames

- multifunction frames

- cover of front and rear ashtrays

- rear hatch opener handle

- inner door sills with TTS logo with stripe in car colour


- original black seat belts swapped for red ones

- racing net made of red seat belts


- all chromed parts, exept gear shifting pads painted piano black

- rear strut bar painted in body colour, screws painted piano black

- front bumper frames and blends in piano black

- gecko painted in body matching colour


- foglight frames trimmed with carbon

- rear seat belts and inserts deleted 

- discreet individual embroidery of name and blood group of the owner

- window pillars and trunk shelf trimmed with alcantara

Audi is planned to visit us this spring to have new Recaro or Sparco seats trimmed to match the interior.