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BMW is one of our favourite brands due to its input in the motoring industry and the number of cult models. E24 is definitely one of such cars that working on the legendary 6 was a real pleasure.
The whole interior went through a number of improvements such as the front seats steming from E36 M-Power and the steering wheel by Raid, the legendary Silberpfeil 320mm. From the floor to the headliner all is covered with alcantara and finished with white thread. The wheel received the BMW badge, and the airbag is now upholstered with alcantara with a nice embossing of the ’airbag’ sign.
The challenge we had to face was big. A car with such a status and prestige involved well-thought changes on the highest level. Alongside with the owner we think that we have achieved the goal and today this classic represents the spirit of BMW.