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Our garage has recently been visited by a Porsche 911 in a very fast Turbo S version. It lacked something which would make it even more unique. Our work involved mainly the exterior with the interior receiving just a few new details,
We designed and made a new steering wheel which has now got large carbon fibre paddle shifts and insert. The airbag together with the gearshift knob have changed their colour. The armrest is now wrapped in carbon fibre while the door still trims and the sunvisors have been trimmed with leather.
On the outside 911 has changed significantly. Stock front splitter has been replaced with the AERO version. Front bumper has received an intake from GT3. We have changed the rear diffuser for an individual one whereas the rear spoiler has got a custom wing. Front air vents, turbo side vents, mirrors, mirror bases, rear bumper vents, spoiler and all the above are now covered with carbon fibre. Additionally, factory emblems have been made with carbon. To keep the theme, on the front hood there are two stripes made from carbon-like vinyl. 
The owner of the 911 received a key which we had painted black with side panels in carbon. What is more, we made a special suitcase to match, wrapped in carbon with some leather inserts.
One could think that the Turbo S version is a dream come true for many. This example, however, proves that such a version can be the beginning to reach the goal. This project perfectly shows that even so well equipped car can be enriched with help from us.