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The black stallion on the yellow background is one of the most recognizable symbols in the automotive history. The view of a Ferrari at our gates from the first glance got us thinking that we would have something special to do, but at the same time exciting. Not often do we deal with such legends.

The whole interior including the dashboard was trimmed with alcantara with addition of red thread. We installed new carbon OMP seats, which received 348 CHALLENGE embroidery. The seat belts were replaced with new ones in the same color. First time ever we trimmed a full roll cage - again alcantara and red thread. We also added new floor mats.

348 is a unique car in many ways. Thanks to this project we again crossed the border of our skills and came up with a unique interior which perfectly matches the character of Ferrari. It also gives us plenty of satisfaction. So if you are in need of a company that will make your most extreme upholstery dreams come true, at CARSDREAM we are ready!