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BMW M2 F87 is our next patient. The car is barely one year old. On the outside is beautiful and sporty, but on the inside it is rough and there is lots to be wished for.
The first idea was to change the upholstery on the seats. The owner wanted to go for alcantara. What we recommended was to go a bit further. New upholstery of the door cards, upper part of the dashboard and the armrest. The steering wheel has been reshaped with the lower part being now flat and then we reupholstered it in a rather unique way, the airbag and the cover are now covered with alcantara. Luckily, we managed to keep the hearing function. 
The seatbelts match the body colour. Whole upholstery received minimal feature - blue alcantara inserts. On the seats you can see the ///M sign. 
Now this M2 looks how it should. It had power, and now it also has style.