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It looks like Ferraris visit us more and more often! Yet another that goes into our portfolio is TR512. The cult Testarossa is a dream of anyone who grew up in the 90s. The icon of Maranello, the essence of style and character of a supercar combined.

This particular one in literally collectible condition arrived to our premises due to interior upgrade. The owner had managed to find carbon seats from Challenge edition and had dreamt to have them mounted in his car. What was necessary, was some help from us as the black upholstery did not match the original interior. That is why we reupholstered them using original leather, added 3D embossment of the horse and refreshed the carbon fibre. 

Work on this particular car in such unique condition was a real challenge, but we have proved more than once not only to ourselves but to you that we can do it. Words of gratitude go to the owner for the trust.