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A client who had seen our work live, decided to give his Mercedes W231 SL. What is significant here is the fact the car was brought to us from England. The owner aimed at this particular color and engine. Unfortunately, he had no luck with the interior. There is, however, nothing nicer for a car owner than to modify it according to his own taste. That is why he decided to deliver the car to us and change the monotonous black interiour to something brighter.

Lower parts of the dashboard and the door cards, the seats, the middle console were trimmed with porcelain leather. The inner parts of the seats now have a quilted theme, plus a embroidery in yellow. The seatbelts have changed their colour to yellow with the buckles in carbon. The release button is now covered with carbon and yellow paint. The interior trim as well as the engine cover have been covered with carbon fibre. The stock steering wheel has been thickened with addition of carbon inserts. The airbag is upholstered with leather with yellow stitching, the Mercedes logo is lacquered yellow - the owner’s beloved color. The rears of the seats have also been wrapped with carbon to match the overall theme. The headliner parts have been trimmed with light alcantara. Some of the trim such as parts of the seats, vents, setbelt fittings have all been painted to match the light shade of the interior.

Clients who sacrifice so much to use our services are a living proof that our work is highly acknowledged worldwide.