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tage 3 is how we can call the transformation of this Audi TTS, which came to us for the third time and we know that we will have again a possibility to work on it this year. The range of work this time included trimming all bare elements inside the car, covering 85 elements with carbon and painting another some.

The door cards, front and rear, have been covered with leather and alcantara with red honeycomb pattern stitch. We have rebuilt one front pillar and fitted four additional gauges with glossy black rings. The dashboard has also been wrapped with leather and alcantara. The rearview mirror is now in carbon fibre, as well as the top vents. The footrest and the pedals - carbon. The same applies to the illuminated trim on the rear shelf. The boot has been 100% covered with carbon fibre and new FC Barcelona themed alcantara mat appeared on the floor. Front seats by Bimarco have been painted glossy black. In the middle we added honeycomb pattern. The front parts of the seats have received alcantara with honeycomb pattern. We added heating mats. The holes for seatbelts have been carbon-wrapped, alongside with the seat frames and wiring blinds. The frame for the net in the middle console has been trimmed with carbon fibre. We custom made the headup screen cover and trimmed it with leather. The rings in the badge, front and rear, match the carbon craze.

For this moment this is probably our most advanced project. Today the car is undergoing mechanicar tuning and awaiting a new turbo’d heart boasting 750PS!