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received interior and exterior modifications to underline its sporty and unique character.
Top version of R8 requires highest class additions and that is why it was clear for us to use carbon fibre and leather. The steering wheel, which we thickened and reupholstered in leather, got enriched with carbon inserts. The door cards, to match the wheel and the overall theme of the interior, were covered with carbon fibre as well. The floor mats were sticked with red leather and then we added embroidered R8 logo.
To keep the carbon theme of the interior, on the outside the mirror covers got some carbon love, and the Audi emblems in the front, the back and the sides changed their color to glossy black, which made them look more aggressive.
The owner of this Audi received a few small gifts - a Wunderbaum-style carbon fibre tree and a carbon key cover, because it is all about the details, isn’t it?
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