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Work on classics of automotive industry is a real pleasure for us at Carsdream, and cult, disappearing models are a treat. That is why with great joy we welcomed this unique Mercedes w109 300 SEL in our workshop. This rare speciment was built in 1972 and hides a 6.3 plant under the bonnet. It was brought to us to have the upholstery and chromes renewed. Our task was special because the owner wished to have it exactly just when the car was leaving the factory. Before we set off to reupholster the seats with original cognac leather, we sandblasted and powdercoated the frames. The leather is particularly interesting as it has 100% matching perforation. After we finished the work with the upholstery, it was time to take care of the chromes which needed new shine.
Work on such projects is a great springboard from the most modern ones. No carbon, no modifications, pure oldschool technology and fabrics.  Do you have a classic car that needs similar work? Carsdream is here for you!