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Recently, more than before we have been busy with aviation. We are very pleased with the fact that CARSDREAM deals not only with automotive industry, but also with other branches of transportation. The experience we have gained over the years, makes us the right people for any work! This time we were asked by a company servicing aeroplanes and helicopters to upgrade the interior of one of their machines, Boeing767-300 ER Airbus A300-600. We designed and created a seat for VIP passengers. Originally covered with fabric, we reupholstered the seat with two kinds of exclusive leather in light grey - plain and perforated. The company logo was embossed on the headrest. All work was done in accordance with the aviation safety regulations.
It was a great opportunity for us to do such an exciting and innovative project. If you are interested to see live how it turned out, feel invited to visit the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. We will inform you where exactly you can find our works.