Motoring does not include cars only. It is also about motorcycles so the vehicles which have become the symbol of freedom and adrenaline. These are the features that largely reflect our character. We appreciate unlimited possibilities of making upholsters that are unique and original. And that is why we are constantly searching for new solutions. In our offer, you can find the services of motorcycle seats upholstering with the use of various fabrics, threads or embroidery together with making carbon motorcycle parts. 


Yachts and boats – once bought, we deal with them with utmost care so that they retain their original appearance for many years. Trends change, but we are here to keep up with them. When upholstering boat parts, we always make use of the materials resistant to weather conditions. We refine them in order to make them look even better and to emphasize the uniqueness of the elements made from carbon fiber


Flying can sometimes take even a whole day. We understand that the comfort of flying means to travel in conditions that allow us to relax and enjoy trendy and modern interiors. We offer aircraft elements made from carbon fiber. We also accept orders concerning interiors in airliners and sport planes.


We don`t forget about our youngest customers -  we want to provide them the highest comfort of travelling and develop their aesthetic sense. Child seats are covered with the best fabrics and thanks to that they are comfortable, resistant to extensive use and unique. We can find a perfect colour for your child seat so that your car becomes the friendliest means of transport for your family.


We create one-off extras perfectly matching the interiour. For example, we can cover the car keys with cabron. make additional cushions in the same fabric as the whole interior, personalized floor mats and many more. We are limited by your ideas and imagination.


We are experts at arranging flats, houses and offices. We deal with furniture upholstering and carbon covering. We also implement individual projects and orders by offering completely new solutions and designs. We also laminate fronts. Such furniture perfectly suit the concept of modern design.