Carbon fiber

  • Extremely durable, ultralight, unusual effects…carbon is that kind of material which has a lot to offer. Its usage for upholstering gives us the option to implement original projects. However, its features are known to quite few people only.

    • 5 times more durable than steel,

    • Rigid, extremely resistant to fatigue,

    • 2 times lighter than aluminum,

    • Corrosion resistant,

    • Infusible and chemically resistan

„Black gold” coverage

Carbon is sometimes called “black gold” due to its incredible abilities which make it such a valuable thing. In our studio, we deal with carbon coverage of almost all external and internal parts of a car. Carbon fiber can be found in many versions depending on its weave and color. It means that your steering wheel, upholstery or dashboard will never look the same once we modify it.

One material, a number of ideas

We appreciated the features of carbon fiber once we used it for a car interior design for the first time. We noticed those unlimited possibilities it gives, its durability and the aesthetic effects in our projects. We are open to our customers` ideas, making use of car parts made of carbon of their design. We offer various solutions thanks to our skills and knowledge on how to use carbon fiber. 

Why carbon fiber?

• Durability and reliability  - we appreciate the highest quality 

• Aesthetic and luxurious effects  - the ability to implement unique designs

• Projects that meet expectations in terms of quality and visual effects

• Possible to be used in other industries 


We are able to do almost every project thanks to the use of well-tested machines, techniques and high-quality leathers, threads and lacquers. We are there for you to give advice what and how to realize your ideas. We cab make the impossible possible, and only the imagination of our customers sets the limits of your our wor